If you have a business problem that can be addressed via technology, then that's what we do.
We've done small database and system design projects that might only last a few hours all the way to multi-year, multi-disciplinary, geographically diverse custom systems and software implementations and integrations. Wondering what you should be looking at in order to implement social networking concepts on your website? We do that. Wondering what type of IP-based phone system best suits your small but growing organization? We can help. Need to put in efficient IT policies and procedures, or get some help with IT workflow/workload/project management or even just some simple job descriptions? We've been there. Need a team of folks to help you design, develop, and implement a web-based application that is integrated with a third-party enterprise system connected to multiple vendors? Need an API? Want to move to the cloud? We can make all that happen. Need someone to clean up the mess that some other consultants left you in? We LOVE doing that ;).
All that is pretty high-level stuff. While we don't initially shy away from any challenge, here's specifically some of the things we really like to do:

  • Small Businesses are our target market - from 5 to 500 employees; 1 to 100 million in revenue
  • Microsoft Solutions - while we never let technology drive a solution, we tend to focus on Microsoft-based environments and solutions (Azure-based Solutions, SQL Server, .NET and .NET Core (C# and VB), Windows Server, OFfice 365, etc.)
  • Salesforce Solutions – focusing on the sales to service side of the house. Supporting an Insurance Agency or Company workflows around Web Lead to Application/Quote Data Capture to Rating Integration to Acord form generation
  • Full (or partial) Software Development Life-Cycle for Web-based System Architectures - we prefer web-based architectures over Mobile "apps" (but we've done a few of those too); Responsive web-design principles (Bootstrap), Angular JS, Node.js, Javascript, JQuery, CMS tools (e.g. Sitefinity, Ektron/EpiServer, WordPress, Expression Engine, Sharepoint, etc.)
  • Systems Integrations - making "system A" talk to "system B" may not be sexy like a slick new e-Commerce website, but it's essential to today's IT architecture and we really excel in making disparate systems play well together via RESTful, SOAP-based API's and Services Oriented Architecture - as well as a variety of other custom systems integration approaches (Boomi, Cloud Elements, etc.)
  • We've done a bunch of work with Associations that use Abila's netForum platform - new installs, upgrades, iWeb customizations, xWeb integrations, eWeb enhancements (or migrations away from eWeb all-together!), event registrations and shopping cart enhancements - anything and everything netForum!
  • Data Warehouse projects - we love taking transactional data models and optimizing them with NoSQL technology to improve performance and build out entire Big Data architectures
  • Azure and AWS - cloud-based solutions are everywhere and in a lot of cases make a whole bunch of sense for small business; if you are considering the cloud, consider Square Peg Services!
Come back frequently to see more specifics on what we've been up to (we've just started an ASP.NET 5/MVC6 web appliation as well as planning a large data center move to the AWS cloud)...