Square Peg Services is an IT consulting company that specializes in practical solutions to business problems. We are experts at quickly analyzing business and technology landscapes, identifying areas of opportunity to improve operations across an organization, and delivering practical, real-world solutions to business challenges through technology.
That's enough with the marketing rhetoric - here is what we are NOT:

  •   Inexperienced resources that tell you what you already know
  •   Salespeople that will try and sell you a bunch of consulting services you don't need
  •   Heads-down programmers that can't speak comfortably with your employees
  •   Folks that use words like "synergy", "paradigm shift", and "win-win"
  •   Warm bodies that are content sitting in a seat billing hours
  •   Consultants that come in, deliver something mediocre, and leave you to clean up the mess

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We are the Square Pegs in the IT Consulting Industry - not quite fitting in with the rest of the crowd. We're casual folks that build relationships with our clients. We work hard. We aren't afraid to offer up an opinion or an idea (no matter how tough or politically un-popular it might be). There isn't a project or business challenge that we won't at least try and understand; we may not always have the answer - but we'll be up front with that too. And, most importantly, we have a PROVEN track record of QUICKLY making a difference in our client's businesses.