We don't have a single standard methodology to do things. We adapt to the client and/or the project. We like simple.

Every situation is a bit different so we like to stay flexible in how we deliver our services. But you've probably heard all that before and we are Square Pegs, remember? Here's specifically some ways we've performed work in the past:

  • We typically work remotely to save you money (and so we can stay home with the kids!); we'll come by at the beginning of a project and get things started, and if it's a longer engagement, you'll see us from time to time onsite. But today's technology allows most projects to be done effectively in a remote environment - if you are unsure of this approach, give us a try? We can help you change your mind here (we've done it before)!
  • All of us are the best of the best at what we do - we aren't folks that are content with what we already know. As a result of this, we have a broad mix of full-time resources as well as resources that work part-time for us (in some cases, even folks that work other jobs outside of consulting) - we are a network of EXPERTS in using technology to solve business problems and we always match the right resource to your problem; whether that resource is a full-time IT Director in Austin who might only be able to spend 2 hours a day on your project to a Senior Developer who will work onsite daily. The key is getting the perfect people on your project from our pool of talented resources and then we'll work out the logistics.
  • As we are flexible in our approach, we are flexible in our rates. While a typical bill rate will be around $120 per hour, depending on the resource and working arrangement, you could get a resource with 20 years of experience for $80 an hour (this might be possible if you were flexible in delivery deadlines and a resource was only available to work offsite on evenings and weekends on your project - as opposed to a 15-year web services guru who will be working onsite in order to meet a 2 week deadline; the situation will help drive the rate you pay). We also have done less-traditional billing approaches based on profit shares, value-add, etc.
  • Finally, we provide you well-written documentation for all the work we do; business process flows, use cases, UML, Entity-Relationship Diagrams, network diagrams, object models, test-driven development, detailed IT department and/or systems documentation, etc. While we also like to communicate and prototype and solicit feedback, etc. face-to-face, at the end of the day, we aren't huge fans of agile methodologies where stuff does not get written down. We're big on knowledge transfer, and right now, we feel that writing it down is a key component to doing that.
If you like what you hear, or even if you are still skeptical - go ahead and give us a try - we're confident that we can quickly become a valuable resource for your business. Click the "Challenge Us" link and ask us a question - one of our talented consultants will respond personally to your business/technology question...